handknitted tie wool

The Story

I source the finest wool from across Europe and beyond. Each tie is knitted by hand, a process which takes several days. The wool comes from small, artisan studio dyers who work to ensure each selected skein of yarn is dyed in exquisite, saturated colours for long-lasting hue and vibrance. I select the wools for each tie with a keen eye for classic and current fashion and distinctive colour palettes. 

Product Development

The designs are influenced by couture pieces from the 1920s-1940s. Each tie design incorporates a combination of mathematical precision and abstract colour placement. The satisfaction comes from mathematically constructing a textured surface which combines three-dimensional form with variants of colour. This produces a subtle interplay of tones or bright ‘pops’ of dense colour.


Each wool tie is hand-knitted in Great Britain using traditional, heritage techniques. The distinctive loops and ridges are what make the ties stand out. Each row is hand-crafted, and as a finishing touch I add a silk neck lining and woven label.

The 'knitted' silk pocket squares are designed as knitted fabric before being printed onto luxurious silk twill and finished with a hand-rolled hem. These are the perfect accompaniment to the knitted ties, and create a stunning optical illusion. 


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