Choosing a limited edition design

Handmade items – a unique purchase

Every item here is handmade, and you are purchasing a design original. There will be variation in exact measurements, colour shading, and stitch patterns – but that is what makes these ties so special. These are limited editions, so if you see something you like, grab it with both hands for tomorrow it might be gone. I will try our best to create similar items but some will be a truly limited edition.


Colour shades

I do my best to represent colour shades as accurately as possible but every monitor, phone or tablet screen represents colour slightly differently.



These are given as accurately as possible but there may be slight variance, for example if measured hanging down rather then flat. The measurements are taken flat. I specialise in producing ties for a range of people, and this means a range of lengths. Some are shorter than the norm found in shops, and others are longer. If you would like a bespoke length please get in touch.

I may need to make changes to the website and item descriptions from time to time; please get in touch if you have any questions.


Care Instructions

Reshaping: If the fabric happens to curl or needs sprucing up a little, gently press with a steam iron on the ‘wool’ setting. Take care not to stretch the fabric.

Cleaning: If you need to clean small areas of the fabric surface, sponge the areas gently without rubbing, using a small amount of a detergent suitable for delicates. For very stubborn stains, ask your dry cleaner to help. 


Contact us

I will be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch using the Contact form


Press enquiries

I am very happy to discuss the use of my images and items for press and other promotional use but please contact me first on


Still-life photography by Jake Seal