Peacock Hues


The proud plumage of the peacock’s tail is beautifully represented in the colours of this hand-knitted tie. Using a skilled dyeing process that produces a gradient of shades the fabric of this tie moves from cobalt and cerulean blues into lilac, ultramarine and then cinnabar greens. The colours naturally form subtle shifts and even stripes as they spread across the knitted textile form. This design lends itself perfectly to creative colour placement depending on your choice of tie knot.

A slightly longer length than standard, perfect for the taller figure.


• Hand-knitted in Great Britain

• Dimensions:
Long: 156 cm x 6 cm (at widest point)
Extra Long: 163 cm x 6 cm (at widest point)

• Composition: hand-dyed 75% merino wool, 25% nylon (for added strength)

• Neck lining: shot silk




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