Alpine Pass Silk Pocket Square


This unique silk twill pocket square features a beautiful glass-slide image from the early 20th Century, taken during a trip when Grand Tours of Europe were popular. Printed as a companion with the Touring Pocket Square this mountain pass formed part of the photographed driving route.

Printed in Great Britain on to the finest silk by one of the leading textile printers in the country, this pocket square uses blues, greys and shimmering mountain light to create something very different for your pocket highlight.

Fold it every which way to play with the combinations of colours, to complement or juxtapose the shades of your outfit or tie. Even the beautifully hand-rolled border of the square can be used as a decorative flourish. 

Try it in combination with the Morning Light Tie, the Soft Graphite Tie, or - one of my favourites - the Speckled Slate Tie. Many of the Blues Collection would suit it too, in particular the Shades of Cobalt Tie or Paris Blue Tie.


• Designed, printed and hand-finished in Great Britain

• Dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm 

• Composition: 15-oz silk twill

• Hand-rolled hems, the finest of pocket square finishes 




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